Taking your BBT and Why

BBT (Basal Body Temperature) is the cheapest and easiest way you can keep tabs on your body. You do it yourself. After at least four hours sleep. Women – vaginally. Has to be. No use taking oral as it is not a true reading of what is happening within you. All through your cycle which also means when bleeding –  just wash the thermometer out with cool water – and add a drop of ti tree or oil of Thieves if you like. . .

Men need to use an oral thermometer and pop it in rectally first thing they wake in the morning – as their BBT tells us how good their sperm is likely to be and also why they have all the health and wellness issues that they do – as for women.

Women have a cycle that means their temperature changes according to what part of the month it is and when pregnant – it should be up at 37 – 37.2/3 C all the time – optimal. It often is not and this is a lack of nutrients/rest – and the iodine and Vit D and fat and protein and minerals then becomes crucial (see hormonal mudmap). Women cycling are to be set at 36.6/7 C for the days from beginning of period (Day 1 is the first day) to ovulation – which should be day 13/14 . The temperature then has to drop as otherwise the sperm would die – so it falls optimally to 36.2/3 C. It then rises to 37.2/3 C and stays there till the day prior to bleeding/birth – when it falls again to the baseline of 36.6/7. This is a continual monthly up and down of two weeks up, and two weeks down – if the thyroid is working well.

In non cycling or menopausal women – the same BBT can chart why she is having such ‘hormonal’ problems – the thyroid is not being supported to support life well. Even though she may well be having hot flushes – her BBT is usually at least a degree under what it is used to be (36.6/7C first thing on the morning – vaginally).

Record it and you can get a charting device from – as this is what I have been using in all my eBooks so you have a similar graphic to compare by. It is not likely that yours is perfect – as you are looking for reasons for not being well. What this does give you is the normal/well setting that you are aspiring to. Once the BBT/thyroid/adrenal function is repaired – menstrual/fertility/pregnancy/ health/menopausal symptoms will disappear. Being a woman is not supposed to be a trial – it is only when we do not have the right ingredients.

Listen to your own bodies data . .. (Except you may need to find a doctor to actually be thinking as the individual information is your story and most orthodox medicine just looks at the general – BUT when it is YOU that wants to get pregnant, or become well – it is totally your story.

To understand more, start with the natural healing easy solving all your problems apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . . there are also  various books in the resources here