Heart – Body Disconnect

Heart – Body Disconnect

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As we are living in a mammalian wrapper (body) that is seen by orthodox medicine as the ‘real’ component of who we are, it should come as no surprise that the real driver – the soul – is ignored as at best, the mind is seen as the part to go to, when there is an issue.

heart-uterus-connection   Freedom feels . .

Unfortunately the mind is only as good as the Shen and the Blood that nourish it – and the clarity of thought possible due to no phlegm about. Madness is easy when these are not in balance.

This also means that when something really turns life on its head, the process of scrabbling back to order may be nearly impossible. Especially when the real shock and trauma are ignored/glossed over. The changes in the etheric and energy bodies need repairing – as without this – the mind will be stuck and replicate to try to heal.

Broken hearts kill!
At least joy . . .
Please pay attention to the ability of your body to utilise magnesium as this keeps the cardiac – electrical and muscular and the neurological going . .
Without adequate magnesium – we die .

Perhaps look to the massage and the meditation components of the special package available below that has been assembled below to help you heal (change) your own life yourself. Please find yourself a person who works with all of you – not just taking or prescribing things. Maya/Arvigo® practitioners are excellent at the total all over approach – and involve you in the self care needed to heal.

To understand more, start with the natural healing easy solving all your problems apps – solutions for questions you may not have thought to ask – or that no one could answer . .  Please at least listen to the portion of the Reunion MP3

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women's-healing-small All there to help you heal on every level

This may be the beginning of your sleeping better and starting to feel your way back to balance.