You are on a site that is full of inspirational links, in the form of information how to attend to most body problems – from a simple, natural perspective. You can be your pathway to instant problem solving. Besides the two banners (if you click Pregnancy under Apps above, another site will show up) full of hugely inspirational and empowering information.

Healthy Life

This section covers all the aspects of self – mostly from an acupuncture model – so you get to find out what drives your engine and how it optimally works.

Self care

This is about how to look after yourself – here we have a complete self help ‘glove box’ manual – especially useful if you are having current (or past or even thinking of it) acupuncture treatment and want to know how your body needs it – or may heal itself with this help).

The self care also covers my excursion into the Mayan/Arvigo work and how essential your self care at home can be.

Unhealthy Imbalances

Mainly explains the raft of complaints that befall all of us when we are out of balance.

Life Problems

Covers trauma and shock retained and what this does over time to you – and how you may resolve this for better overall health and happiness. On all levels.


Takes you to many of my own populated sites.


There is also the opportunity to buy the three apps.
The Period App covers all that happens Рnot pregnancy  Рto a woman Рso is for all ages and stages. is not just about the bleeding years.
All these apps cover ‘raw ingredients’.
Period App is also about all the womanly bits and the emotions/hormones and interventions that you may have succumbed to and now want to undo consequences.
The Pregnancy App is also about nursing (breastfeeding) and babies and how to get the most of your pregnancy – PLUS has all the general health issues (especially digestive) that anyone anyone experiences – under ‘wellness’ and the Fertility App?

Him (so often seen as ‘OK’ when the sperm is patently struggling and no natural babies are forthcoming) – what to easily do to repair this issue – and couple factors – as when her periods are perfect/optimal – no more work is needed – as healthy means fertile!
Find out how here

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